New Haven Off-Track Garage Door Service

garage-door-has-fallen-off-the-tracks-New-HavenAn off-track garage door can result in accidents and loss of money aside from looking awful. You should not attempt to work on the garage door yourself or with the automatic garage door opener, as it may cause serious damage to the door. This can even be life-threatening.

Causes of Off-Track Doors

The most common reason of garage door derailment is breaking of one or both of the garage door cables. These cables assist to counteract the weight of the door and steer it during its journey up and down the tracks. Typically, garage door cables break only after many years of successful operation and usual wear and tear.

Garage doors might be off-track because of some other causes. If debris is clogged in the track or an intense force is applied suddenly, the door may naturally become loose from its tracks. For instance, if you had mistakenly set your car into reverse when the garage door was still shut, the impact can cause the door to derail from its-tracks.

New Haven Garage Door Pros to the Rescue

We strongly recommend, for safety reasons, that you never attempt to fix off track garage doors alone. Rather, make sure you contact us when you observe any issues with your garage door or garage door tracks. Our professional, certified technicians are trained in efficiently managing this specific repair job with the following 4-step process:

  1. Figure out the reason behind off track garage door like any noticeable damage to the tracks (bent, broken), improper alignment of the tracks or their loosening from the garage walls.
  2. Adjust or straighten the tracks and adjust the roller alignment.
  3. Remove any dirt from the track and put lubricating oil.
  4. Final inspection of the garage door to make certain there are not absent pieces.

The degree of expertise and customer service of Garage Door Repair New Haven CT is unparalleled in the region. We are just a call away from sending a friendly team to handle your garage door issue. A totally stocked truck will be ready to assist any time of the day and any day of the week. In many instances we can arrive to your location the same day you contact!

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